Petersalas (also Andrejsala) region is located in the heart of the right bank of the Daugava, on the border of Sarkandaugavas Skanstes and Central neighborhoods to water - with Spilves and Kipsalas neighborhoods. Limits - Daugava Export street, Hanseatic Street, Pasture Dam, railroad to export the street line from the street to the river Daugava Export. Neighborhoods total area of -277.3 ha.

Historical facts and the obvious street names suggest that the Middle Ages the area was grazing land and landowners gardens. It is therefore no accident that Petersala borders one of the oldest streets of Riga - Pasture Dam - the way which has long been the officer in the pasture. From the 13th century near Riga city needs arising from communal grazing cattle and geese, the monitor is even a special administration, which since the 15th century under high Gilde. As Latvia important cultural facts should be noted that in 1861 Viesturpark take place the Baltic Song. This was followed by the First Nationwide Latvian Song Festival, which is held in the 1873rd year. Park of the Song is named in 1973. of 21. June, on the occasion of the centenary of the Song Festival. In honor of the centenary of the Song Festival was discovered in the memorial ensemble, the park is still there. To the area's landmarks - the memorial wall featuring a bas-relief of Latvian composers such as John Cimzem dedications, Jurjanu Andrew, Joseph Willow. The specific memorials authors sculptor Leo Bukowski and architect George Baumann.

It should be noted that Andrejsala is one of the most promising and potentially beautiful Riga development areas and in the future it wishes to spatial, public open space and transport authorities, becoming the heart of Latvian - Riga significant business, residential, tourist and recreational area. Based on the architecture developed vision requires that Andrejsala will be gradually transformed into a multi-functional and aesthetically sound urban environment with high-quality architecture and diverse entertainment options. domain is for sale
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